~:: Training ::~
The primary difference between the Pakhipahar and most such projects is the involvement, of the local people, especially those below the poverty line. The project in its execution demands thorough technical knowledge in various fields like rock climbing, drawing and sculpting. In addition to these skills, participants here need considerable amounts of physical strength and agility.
It's hardly surprising that no trained manpower will be available to accomplish the specific goals of the project, given its uniqueness and innovative requirements. At the beginning of 1996-97 a team of about 30 young people had to be selected from eight villages around Pakhipahar by the sculptor Chitta Dey for working at the project Pakhipahar. Rigorous training camps were organized for this team where they were trained in the scientific techniques of rock climbing, painting and sculpting.
The preparation of a team to work at Pakhipahar with all sorts of skills and for that the necessary training were funded by the District Rural Development Agency, Purulia. Regular physical exercises were held at those camps. The team is now fully trained in rock climbing, painting on rock face and chiselling stones using the specially designed equipment made for this purpose by Chitta Dey.
Six boulders were offered at the site to trainees to chisel their first images to train themselves as rock carvers. The boulders still stand, bearing their first works. In addition to the training that they have received, each member of the team is entitled to workmen's compensation in case of accidents.