~:: Sponsors or Benefactors ::~
Resources for the project have been provided so far by The Information and Culture Department ; Government of West Bengal ; Purulia Zilla Parishad ; Bagmundi Panchayet Samity ; Bengal Ambuja Housing Devolopment Ltd. ; Brij Lakshmi Todi Foundation ; Kesarideo Ratnadeo Goenka Trust ; Computer Architects, and raised from sale of greetings cards (designed and produced by Flight to Harmony foundation), and in the form of donations by many individuals, like Mr and Mrs Biswajit and Kaberi Nayak, Dr D R Nandy and many others.


We are specially grateful to Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon. President, Government of India, and Mrs. Subhra Mukherjee for their support.


The Foundation received a grant from the Planning Commission, Government of India, in the year 2007.
We welcome you to join this list of sponsors/benefactors with donations, necessary material support, and so many possible ways that we could discuss with you.