~:: New Directions ::~
The Flight to Harmony Foundation, engaged in the Pakhipahar project and the secondary project of carving the scattered boulders and small rocks surrounding the Pakhipahar project site, with replica of local fauna on the point of extinction or already vanished. The secondary project allows carvers of the main project to hone their skill and experiment on individual works, even as they preserve for posterity the forms of creatures that will not survive as living species.
There is yet another motivation behind this secondary project, viz. to save these sculptured boulders from the inroads of crushing machines demolishing and fragmenting the rocks and hills of the Chhotanagpur terrain to gather stone chips for roadways, railways, industrial, commercial and domestic use.
Art in Prison and the Art for marginalized people are two other projects of Foundation, keeping in mind art relevant to the community, is looking for other directions and areas of activity.