~:: Concept ::~
A highly fragmented, individualistic and materialistic society has cast its shadow on all its members banishing and confining the practice of visual art to the commerce and politics of the art markets. This is the evil that drove sculptor Chitta Dey to generate a creative culture that would be essentially for,of and by the common people.
A flock of birds was chosen by Chitta Dey to give shape to his thought. He sees in the birds a representation of the human soul more richly in evidence than all other aspects of nature. The birds are filled with a vibrant energy, a youthful joy and above all, an exhilaration in fighting the winds. The flight of birds represents human society, each bird suggesting a man individualistic yet part of a larger being. Each bird keeps moving at its own pace just as each human being revolves in his own sphere. Yet together, they cause a greater universal motion towards a state of common well-being. In sending his flock of birds towards eternity, the sculptor symbolizes our need to strive towards an eternal state of freedom, peace, harmony and solidarity.


The choice of the medium for such an effort is also vital, and monumental rock carving fitted his purpose perfectly for more reason than one. It is permanent and will remain in a state of perfect preservation for posterity. In the years to come, it will remain as something that the coming generations will easily identify with. Also, the very process holds a special significance for mankind. The birds are waiting to be chiseled out of the hill, and this creative sprit that goes into the process represents unity, peace, friendliness, solidarity and harmony.