~::Foundation With The Local Community ::~
The project has a tremendous potential for the development of tourism, and all that comes with it, helping the local people, mostly adivasis and from the backward classes. Tourism will enrich the state exchequer and open up newer vistas of investments, creating jobs, which in turn will give a boost to the local economy. A group of local people are already being trained in the art of the monumental rock carving, which they are putting to use in carving small boulders, trying out the newly acquired skill and honing their creativity. Some of their stone-carved miniatures have been bought by visitors, and the proceeds have gone to support the project.
The Foundation has contributed to the development of the terrain in the form of a 1-km-long road from the highway to the project site for better communication. A primary school for the local children has been set up with the sponsorship of the Government of West Bengal. A deep tube-well near the project site has been dug, and it's catering to the needs of the project as well as the neighboring villages. With all the provisions in place, the Foundation has ensured the economic and social betterment of the local people.