~:: Art Therapy ::~
Art has addressed a wide range of emotional, cultural and spiritual needs for thousands of years. Art therapy is a recent engagement of the arts. Art therapy has proved to be an effective medium of psychotherapy; actually it is an interdisciplinary form of psychotherapy. As a mechanism to sustain emotional wellbeing develop the ability to express feelings difficult to discuss, it stimulates imagination and creativity, clarifies issues and concerns, relieving and also helps to increases self-esteem and confidence.
Art therapy can be applied there, where talk therapy and medication do not help. It can explore the unconscious mind of a patient. Art therapy can help a stressed person by relieving his mental and emotional life. It helps one to fight a negative self-perception and develop a positive outlook. As a patient of adolescent disorders or post-traumatic disorder, is motivated to use a visual or performative art, is able to express himself / herself in a non-verbal mode, when verbalization remains inhibited. The artistic expression can even open up verbal articulation, helping the recuperative process. The Foundation's entry into art therapy is more experimental and exploratory than curative or redemptive.