~:: Art In Prison ::~
The Flight to Harmony's activities in the correctional homes began as a result of an offhand conversation with Former I G (Prison) and A D G (Prison), West Bengal, Mr B D Sharma. The conversation moved into the area of the necessity of introducing art to the inmates of the correctional homes as a part of their reformation and rehabilitation programme. The idea caught on and further developments were rapidly made and the Foundation moved into this new field of activity for Jails and Correctional Homes in different places.
The prolonged confinement of the convicted prisoners in the jails or correctional homes affects their minds to the point of lasting damage or impairment. More often than not, it hinders the spontaneous flow of thoughts and emotions, leading on to further problems like chronic depression and other complexes. Under such conditions, the reformation and rehabilitation of these prisoners becomes quite difficult. Painting and art go a long way in breaking these shackles of the mind and allow the minds to play freely and open them up for the necessary reforms.