~:: Art For Merginalised People ::~
For the Flight to Harmony Foundation, what began as a project to carve a hill in Purulia, West Bengal, India into a modern sculpture and renew the rich, long lost tradition of rock carving in India, has now turned into a process of connecting with the marginals. First, it was the tribal locals of Purulia, then prisoners in Correctional Homes, and now, the marginalized people, in Kolkata; the connections made through the practice and sharing of art.
A workshop, the first of its kind in Kolkata, held on with a specific target group of the marginalized people, was an experimental endeavour, in which a group of committed and concerned practicing artists interacted with a group of street dwellers, who have lost their bearings and connections with family and society. More than yet another exercise in art therapy, it was an attempt to arouse the creative spirit in the afflicted, and make it an emancipatory agency.